Claim for Reimbursement from Amex for Damage to Rental Car

So while in Barbados recently I scuffed up the rental car we had while there. I didn’t opt to pay the extra feeds for the damage waiver insurance due to the fact that Amex covers all card holders up to a certain amount so it’s really a waste. Paying so much in Amex fees each year it’s one of the perks of the card. Anyways so far they’ve been decent to deal with requiring all the standard documentation as part of their due process for accessing the claim. I’ve provided everything to a “T” so far to them so we’ll see how quickly and efficient they are in processing the claim. The nice thing is that they were willing to accept scanned documentation rather than having to send it in. Living in Antigua the mail here isn’t reliable or so slow that it could be a few months before they actually receive the documentation in the UK. Anyways we’ll see how it pans out but there should be no reason why they don’t reimburse me for the damages and process this claim.


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