Air Canada Cancellations Subject to $150 Cancellation Fees Per Ticket

Recently we cancelled two tickets for travel from Seattle to Vancouver. We figured that as we have so much in way of items we travel with these days due to having a 10 month old baby it would be far less stressful which without question it was. We had airline tickets booked with Air Canada the airline we tend to use whenever we can.

We cancelled the tickets with Air Canada well in advance but irrespective of this we were not eligible for a full refund nor full credit for the cost of the flights. Each flight cost $173.76 but as we were due to pay a $150 cancellation fee for each ticket the amount refunded to my credit card worked out to be $22.26 / ticket… The reason that we were not eligible for the refund was due to the type of ticket we purchased. The cheaper the ticket (Economy – Lowest also known as Tango) the worse off you are if you need to either cancel or change the ticket. We would have at least expected a full credit that could be used towards flights at a later date. But nope we got a whopping $44.52 on a nearly $400 fare for the two of us.

Anyways the moral of the story is to be sure you’re either going to 100% use the tickets. It would appear as though the only refundable tickets available by Air Canada are those for Executive Class travel and even then this is only for Executive Class Flexible and no their lowest Executive Class fares.

More information about Air Canada’s costs associated with ticket changes can be found here:

Note: This is for travel within Canada which in our case Seattle to Canada goes under.

Here attached below are a few images taken from the PDF for the refund offered by Air Canada for these cancelled flights:



Pic #2 Shows the amount refunded to my credit card: