Favourite 3 restaurants in St. Lucia

I don’t really leave the North of the island where I live here in St. Lucia so my listing of top restaurants in St. Lucia is somewhat biased to where I spend my time. There are obviously other great restaurants here on the island particularly in the South from what I hear.

  1. Big Chef – There’s nothing hit or miss about this restaurant. Over the past few years I’ve eaten here a few dozen times and it’s always great. Being a steakhouse first and foremost the cuts of beef, how they’re cooked and accompanying sides can’t be matched by any other restaurant I’ve eaten at here in St. Lucia. Above all Mark and Rosie the owners are great people and really know how to run a great steakhouse. One recommendation I have is that if you’re a woman that you bring a sweater with you as it can get a bit cool inside the restaurant when they have the A/C’s cranked up.
  2. The Naked Fisherman – Located on a beautiful and quaint beach just below the Cap Maison hotel this beach side restaurant is a great place to dine for lunch or dinner (we generally prefer dinner as it can get rather hot during the day). Although we tend to get the same dishes each time we go (either the fish and chips or burger) having tried other dishes on the menu I believe that everything is good. Fresh ingredients with good flavors is how they do their food. Combine that with the beach side setting and a nice glace of wine and it really hits the spot.
  3. Elanas – If you’re looking for the best pizza on the Island give Elenas a try it’s not the cheapest pizza in the world (around $20 US for a 12″ zza) but the crust rivals the best pizza I’ve eaten from around the world.

Angel.co great way to invest and back projects

Came across angel.co a few weeks back (not sure where I’ve been to have missed this project). This site allows start up entrepreneurs and VC backers to connect within a simple to use interface. I’ve just completed my profile and am interested in seeking out projects that I can invest and contribute to.

If anyone is familiar with the system and has recommendations on projects worthy of having a look at please let me know.

Great articles on artificial intelligence and artificial super intelligence

When you have time read the following articles surrounding artificial intelligence and artificial super intelligence:



If you’re still interested in learning more on the subject there after be sure to pick up a copy of the Nick Bostrom book Superintelligence (Paths, Designs and Strategies and the Ray Kurzwiel book called the Singularity is Near.