Digicel 4G Internet in Antigua Lacking in Speed and Reliability Overview of Antigua ISP’s


Should you ever decide to live in Antigua you’ll quickly come to find that your options as far as ISP’s is limited essentially three options available here on the island.

The first and personally one that I’ve found to be the best is APUA’s (inet) with claimed speeds of up to 4Mbps (yes that’s it nothing beyond these speeds here unheard of in first world countries right). We’re currently on the 3Mbps connection which albiet not that cheap at ~$400 XCD which translates into $148.14 USD / month. In the US, Canada or UK I can get a 20+Mbps connection for this same price. The internet offered by inet is ADSL and requires that you have a phone line which is cheap to maintain here in Antigua.

The second option is Lime which is WWAN (WiMAX service) which although costs less than APUA’s inet service is not as reliable. We’ve known many people here in Antigua who have used this internet with intermittent service, slow speeds and unreliable connectivity. The max speeds for the internet service offered by Lime is as follows: $129 XCD (1Mbps) and $169 XCD (2Mbps), a lot less as you can see than that of the APUA service at just 1Mbps additional speed in their highest end plan.

The third option and one we’ve been testing for the past 4 – 5 months is Digicel’s new WiMAG LTE service available here in Antigua. For a long time now the internet space here on this island has been dominated by APUA and Lime due to government restrictions on who could enter into the space. Opportunities as of recently have presented themselves for Digicel to get their foot in the door in respect to the internet market here in Antigua. They’ve done a fantastic job with the marketing and building awareness in that they’re offering the service, however the quality of the service offered is not that great in my opinion and it’s not just me. The few other people I know who have tried or are trying the service have been unsatisfied. The Digicel 4G LTE internet is extremely slow, lacks in reliability of connection and can often times be disrupted for days on end. Digicel is a great company and I’ve been a subscriber as far as my mobile phone with them here in Antigua for years but their internet service and reliability is lagging. I’m sure they’ll get it right eventually but as of the writing of this post here on my blog things still just aren’t quite there.


Hats off to American Express insurance!

Not that long ago we were in Barbados where I scratched up our rental car very minor damage (~650 USD). Anyways I thought that the claim process was going to be long and rigorous but rather the opposite. Dealing with American Express outsourced claim management facilitator AXA Assistance was a pleasure. I haven’t gotten the money yet but the claim was processed quick and efficiently. There was a number of forms and documentation required as part of their assessment and requirements but pretty standard stuff. Anyways good to know that the fees was all pay to have these credit cards pay off in the end when we need them to.

Yet another earthquake to hit us here in Antigua

Unlike last time where we were woken from our sleep to the entire house shaking this time it came while we were quite awake.

At approximately 8:30PM EST here in Antigua while cleaning the dishes I started to feel something it wasn’t more than a few seconds before everything started shaking in the house. This time it lasted about 10 seconds and was a magnitude 4.8 earthquake.

More information about this earthquake can be found here: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/usb000gynx#summary

Beats by Dre Headphones Suck they Don’t Last

As someone who sits at their computer and works for hours on end I enjoy listening to music with my noise cancelling headphones. For the past few years I’ve been using Beat’s by Dre headphones purchased at Future Shop. These head phones have lasted a few years but there’s no reason why they should be breaking now. They still work great it’s just pretty annoying that they likely won’t last more than a few more weeks.

I understand that there’s general wear and tear on goods but putting headphones on and taking them off hardly defines wear and tear IMO.

The problem with them is that the screws are falling out and the thin plastic that holds some of the screws in are breaking though the plastic leaving various parts of of the headphones loose and falling apart.

Would I recommend the noise cancelling headphones that I have to anyone likely not. I do have Beats earbuds which are relatively good which I would however recommend.

If you’re considering these headphones I’d suggest looking for an alternative.

Benefits of Forex Trading

There are so many ways for people to invest their money and make great profits, so some may wonder why to choose forex over other forms of investment. There are many advantages to trading forex online and this article will cover some of eh main benefits to becoming a forex trader. Not only will new traders be able to learn why this is a great choice, but they will also see that forex is a sound financial investing choice and will learn why so many others have chosen to travel this same route.

The first benefit to trading forex is the fact that it is a 24 hour market It will never close and will always be available to accept and conduct any trades at any time. Unlike the traditional stock market, the forex market is over the counter, meaning it has no centralised location, allowing traders to have 24/7 access to all the action. Another benefit is the high liquidity of the market. Liquidity refers to the ability to convert an asset into cash quickly. With forex trades, large amounts of money can be moved in and out of the market quickly and easily.

The low transaction costs are also quite appealing. With forex trading, the cost for the total transaction is built into the price, which is then referred to as the spread. This is also the difference between the buying and selling price.

While the mention aspects are great benefits, perhaps the greatest is the chance to earn profits even when prices fall. The forex market does not have any restrictions on directional trades, so traders will be able to buy based on whether they think values will rise or fall. There is always a way to generate profits as long as traders pay attention to current values and make use of the tools that are provided by brokers. Online forex trading can become very lucrative and offers a great way to increase income streams.

Leaveraged FX trading disclaimer on FXCM

Leverage is a double-edged sword and can dramatically amplify your profits as well as your losses. Trading foreign exchange with any level of leverage may not be suitable for all investors.

Found this in the footer of the FXCM website it’s a disclaimer that is intended to inform users that leveraged Forex trading can lead to significant loses but is well put. It’s clear to most that leveraged FX trading can make you money but only a very very small percentage of those trading leveraged FX long term are able to retain reasonable portfolio growth.

DirectInvesting.com Should Be Avoided by Expats

A few days back I posted about my excitement about the prospect of investing directly in companies though DRIPS (dividend reinvestment plans) offered directly by companies and facilitated though a company called DirectInvesting or more accurately MoneyPaper. I’m very disappointed with the way this company has represented themselves and wanted to share my opinion.

I purchased full website access at DirectInvesting.com with the intention of buying into several companies to grow a DRIP portfolio facilitated though this company. The cost was not exorbitant at $100 / year for access to premier service, research etc…

For citizens in the United States who have easy access to US based checking accounts allowing for the issuing of payments to DirectInvesting/Moneypaper via ACH or check it may be an ideal solution. If however you permanently live outside of North America such as I do it’s not an ideal to work with Direct Investing. I can’t believe that they don’t accept wire transfers as a means of accepting payments. They were quick to take my payment for access to their site via credit card which by the way I’ve requested a refund on based on the circumstances with no reply from them as of yet… 4 e-mails sent and counting.

Just an FYI that this post is intended to make expats aware of the hurdles that they too may encounter when dealing with this company.

The idea of DRIP investing is very sound IMHO.