DHL the Better Option For Shipping Here in Antigua

Here in Antigua your courier services are limited to DHL and FedEx. I’ve been a fan of FedEx for no particular reason for years now opting for their service. Recently I started using DHL which is by far more convenient.

First off they accept payment by cash for pickups which is great considering I don’t send nearly enough to justify setting up an account with them. This is a service that FedEx here use to offer but no longer does which is very inconvenient. Driving into town from where we live and back is a two hour ordeal so a real day waster all in all.

Second reason I’m a fan of DHL is that their prices are cheaper not by a lot like $10 per item.

No brainer really they pickup saving me a lot of time and a wasted day and they’re cheaper. Great job DHL 🙂